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Equitack : The specialists in horse saddle restoration

Equitack is able to work on any material (leather, imitation leather, fabric, etc ...). It is therefore very versatile, which is why it is able to execute your craziest desires, very technical things, or more industrial. So do not hesitate to call the equitack service.

Used panels that must be replaced

The panels, whether foam or wool, are damaged. The foam softens and loses its support qualities. Imagine the inside of an old pair of sneakers or the foam cushions of an old bus. Wool padding tends to become uneven, bumpy and tight. Imagine a stuffed child who had a lot of hugs and with whom we played a lot: things are not really in their place! So when you check a used saddle, gently squeeze the panels and feel them with your fingers. Squeeze, feel and slide your fingers into the slots. See if the leather is smooth or if there are bumps, irregularities or softened areas. If you find anything, you have to worry.

Daily maintenance of my saddle and my accessories

After properly restoring your seat at Equitack, you will be responsible for maintaining your equipment so that it can not deteriorate. Indeed, as it is a living material, your upholstery leather must be maintained regularly. The care must be adapted to the use, their wear while taking into account the climate and the season.

Here are two essential steps to keep the comfort and beauty of your leathers:

  • Clean, after each use, with a sponge and liquid glycerine soap to keep the leather supple, pleasant and powerful.

  • At least twice a month, apply the balm in a homogeneous way using the glove, not to mention the seams.

It's time to give life back to your stool and move on to the full repair service. Equitack is able to provide you with a saddle in good condition.

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