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Find the right saddle for your needs

The choice of a saddle for horse depends on its activity. So, the first thing to do is to determine your activity. In a very simple way: saddling a horse, with a few exceptions, once you understand how it works: it's rather simple. Provide a saddle to a rider: it is extremely complicated. So find used saddles for sale for your horse!

The importance of a well adapted saddle

The saddle has long been chosen for the comfort it offered to the rider or for the outward signs of wealth it represented. We now know that the first quality of a good saddle is to protect the horse and promote comfort. Although bareback riding is an ideal widely spread by the entertainment industry, the fact remains that the used western saddles for sale saddle remains the essential interface ensuring the comfort of the horse in the first place and that of his rider. This tool must be well adjusted so as not to become a nuisance. The saddle must allow a stable and uniform distribution that protects sensitive areas of the horse.

Importance of taking into consideration the criteria of saddle needed

Several criteria come into play: morphology, posture, psychosomatic aspect, bobology; then the discipline practiced and according to which school, the level on horseback, the horse or the horses concerned (s) by the saddle in question; and lastly, the projects (fantasy VS reality), external susceptibilities, fashion, etc. Usually, we measure the size in inches. The most common sizes are between 16.5 and 18 ", roughly matching this with standard pant sizes ... so a woman who dresses in 40-42 will be comfortable in a 17.5, but of course, in real life, it is not so simple. Some saddlers already have a system of sizes of their own. So, when you buy a saddle, the only indication of size jumper we have is the size of the tree, more precisely its length, which will roughly give an indication of the size of the seat.

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